Dr. Sanath Kumaran

Started his career as a cadet planter with KL-Kepong in 1990 and later served as an Agronomist with Prang Besar Research Station, Golden Hope Plantations Bhd till 1993. Equipped with a B. Agric. Sc (Soil Science) and a Master of Philosophy (Environment and Natural Resources), he has since obtained his PhD in Forest Meteorology in 2008 and have worked on over 50 consultancy projects related to High Conservation Value (HCV) assessment, development of management plans and monitoring indicators, scientific fieldwork and policy advocacy on natural resources management, peer reviews of certification audits and community based natural resource management. He is an approved RSPO HCV assessor and has conducted training and assistance of HCV identification to RSPO members.

He works with private sector, government and NGOs to promote conservation and sustainable use of forest, oil palm and freshwater resources in a rational manner through a multi-stakeholder participatory approach. Over the last years, he has led teams to project locations in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Cambodia and Papua New Guines.

He has authored over 20 publications on forest conservation, wildlife assessment, hydrology and forest certification.