Dr. Ramadasan Krishnan

Dynamic, versatile, professional and self-motivated, a confident and creative individual with a strong background in research and development, coupled with vast experience in leading and managing local and international interdisciplinary projects and programmes, including those related to environment, rural development and socio-economics. He has vast experience with strategic planning, communication strategies, information-related programmes and policy advocacy.

General management skills, including administration, financial management, project management as well as overall human resource management. Definitely capable of working with a considerable degree of independence, taking initiative in the development of ideas and proposals. With maturity and judgement to be a team leader/ adviser in a very senior position in any local or international organisation concerned with strategic issues while, at the same time, providing leadership by example through active participation in field and policy research.

PhD (University of Reading, U.K.)

Experience/exposure/training with respect to information management systems and decision support systems (DSS)

Systems and analytical thinking skills, knowledge/familiarity with systems approaches and applications

Professional and R & D management skills