Dr. Sivakumaran

Dr. Sivakumaran Seenivasagam holds a BSc. Degree in Botany and a PhD in Plant Physiology from the University of Wales (Aberyswyth), UK. He currently sits on the Board of Greenyield Berhad and is responsible for the R&D activities in the group. His resource team provides technical support mainly on Rubber and other cash crops and Agrotrop is able to tap on their expertise.

Dr. Sivakumaran was responsible for the development of the RRIMFLOW system for which a patent was granted to the Malaysia Rubber Board. He received the RRIM Gold Medal in 1993 and the service excellence award from the RRIM in 1992 for his research contributions in the field of rubber exploitation and, in particular, the development of labour saving technologies. Dr. Sivakumaran in year 2010 has successfully secured a Malaysian patent for “Crop Plus” Organic Fertilizer and Utility Innovation for a Bio-Pesticide in both Thailand and Vietnam.

Dr. Wong Choi Chee

Dr. Wong Choi Chee is part of the resource team of Greenyield Berhad and works closely together with Dr. Sivakumaran. He is a scientist with focus on feed crop production for plantation environment and modeling of feed availability. He is also very much involved in implementation of R&D programmes on conservation, characterization and utilization of forage crops for adaptability and seed production.