Dr. N.T. Arasu

Dr. Arasu, retired from Malaysian Agricultural Development Institute as Crop Research Director and has been involved in Oil Palm Research for over 40 years. His expertise in the basic requirements of oil palms will enhance the needs for the crop to perform better. His sound knowledge in the soils will also help to make valid corrections in the nutrient requirements of the OIL PALMS.

He is presently involved in providing services as a Free-lance consultant to Agrotrop Plantation Services Sdn. Bhd. and advises the group on various aspects of the industry.

Mr. T. Vanialingam

Initially served for 5 years in the Oil Palm Genetics Consortium with a renowned Geneticist, Dr. J.J. Hardon and for the next 12 years as a Senior Plant Breeder at Highland Research Unit dealing with oil palm, cocoa and coconut. Following this became the Managing Consultant of Agricultural Consultancy Services Inc. in the Philippines which was initiated by the above after satisfactorily planting up 6,000 hectares of F ‘I’ Hybrid cocoa. He has also presented several scientific papers both at National and International Conferences.

He was one of the Agronomist approved by the World Bank to carry out Plantation Inspection Services in Indonesia through Sime Darby Services for OIL PALMS.

After founding and managing Agrotrop Plantation Services Sdn. Bhd. and serving a list of clients in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and the Philippines, he is currently the Principal Advisor of the group and is actively involved in providing support to the team at Agrotrop on the way forward.

Mr. Unni Krishnan Padman

Mr. Unni Krishnan, a graduate from La Trobe University, Australia, has more than 20 years as an Agronomist under eminent scientist like Dr. Guha at Agricultural Research and Advisory Bureau. His experience in Oil Palm and Rubber is extensive, mostly gained through exposure both, within and outside the country.

Mr. Unni Krishnan has his own company as well and Agrotrop Plantation Services Sdn. Bhd. is able to tap his vast experience in Agronomy of Oil Palm through participation on a project basis.

Mr. Kodiappan Perumal

Mr. Kodiappan, an experienced and credible planter with almost 41 years of experience in the area of Oil Palm Plantation Management at Barlow Boustead Estates Agency Sdn. Bhd. Commencing his career as a research assistant at HRU under the guidance of Mr. T. Vanialingam and Mr. Chew Poh Soon, he was later transferred to the managerial position and eventually rose to be the groups Planting Advisor.

Mr. Kodiappan having recently retired from the Agency, is currently actively servicing the Boustead Group as an independent Planting Advisor and several other new plantation developments. Agrotrop has been able to tap his vast experience in Plantation Management through participation on project basis in Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Mr. Suria Devan Vanialingam

Suria Devan completed his BSc. Financial Management through a twinning program with HELP Institute in the year 2000 and continued to pursue his MSc. Plantation Management with University Putra Malaysia, completing it in 2003.

He began his career as a Project Financial Analyst at Agrotrop Plantation Services Sdn. Bhd. (APSSB) in 2001 and his first involvement within the industry was to formulate a complete financial model as a feasibility study for oil palm plantations. He further enhanced his knowledge and skills through land assessments projects, agronomy, feasibility studies and plantation development & management of varied sizes mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. This has given him sound technical knowledge and the strength to understand the industry and business, which lead him to carry out the role of an Agronomist and Director of Agrotrop since 2005.

After 13 years of actively being involved in Agrotrop’s operations, he is currently the Managing Director of the company. With the support and dedication of their experience team, he continues to focus his attention on serving the list of clientele and enhances his technical knowledge mainly through practical exposure.

Mr. Rajendra Paramanathan

Mr. Rajendra having graduate in Tropical Environment Sciences from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland has over 20 years exposure in the agriculture industry covering Technology and Environment studies, Composition and Fertilizer Innovation, Agronomy and Seed Production. His combined knowledge in life sciences and the experienced gained in Environment and Oil Palm, positions him as a credible Agronomist.

Mr. Rajendra has been servicing Agrotrop Plantation Services Sdn. Bhd. clientele as an Agronomist and of recent covers almost 60,000 hectares of Agronomy work in Indonesia. He is also actively involved in Land Assessment projects through the company.

Mr. Balakrishnan Sivaguru

Mr. Balakrishnan, a knowledgeable graduate from the University of Allahabad, has over 30 years of plantation management and agronomy experience. The well read planter has wide experiences in carrying out planting advisory, agronomy and Audit of Agriculture and Agronomic practices. These include recommendations to overcome the weaknesses in agronomy and agricultural management towards achieving the RSPO certification.

Mainly worked as an Advisor and Auditing of RSPO requirements for international financial institutions together with MEC. Land Assessment and Feasibility Study is also his forte.